Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I edited my account and don't see it anymore when I search. Is there some approval process or a bug?
A: There is an approval process when you account is first created, and every time you update your profile. This only applies to free members. We do this to ensure the information in your description is appropriate, and that you're following our terms of use. You can avoid this reapproval process by upgrading your membership.

Q: How do I upgrade my membership?
A: Currently there are two ways to upgrade your membership. Add a link to us on your web site, then contact us and let us know the url where we can find the link. We'll add that url to your profile and upgrade your account. The second way is a recurring annual payment of $25. Log in to the geeks menu for the upgrade link.

Q: Why can't I respond to questions posted to my account?
A: Anyone can post a message to you. Users don't need to create an account. Because of this, there is no good way to respond. We'd expect people needing your services to leave their contact information as part of the message.

Q: Do you have to be a member to get help? Or are the only members geeks?
A: Anyone can send a message to a member. You do not need to sign up to get help. Right now the only members are geeks. In the future, we plan to expand membership to include people looking for help.

Q: Is there any way to rate or leave feedback for the geeks?
A: Not yet. We plan to implement a rating system soon after expanding membership. Once the feedback system is implemented, you will be required to log in before you can leave feedback.

Q: I was listed on the site, but now its gone. Where did my listing go?
A: Listings disappear from searches for several reasons. A description or username does not adhere to the terms of use. A profile has recently been updated and is pending approval. The user hasn't logged in in over 90 days, so they were removed from searches due to inactivity.

Q: Can I change my username or email address?
A: No. Your username and email address can not be changed.